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Chromic colors are those which undergo reversible change in colorThe process of such reversible color change is commonly known as chromism. Chromism is classified by what kind of stimuli is used. Accordingly, our major kinds of chromism are thermochromism induced by changes in temperature, photochromism induced by light irradiation.


Description: Thermochromic Smart Blinds and Shades

change from one color to another, or one color to colorless as the temperature changes.

  • Activated Thermochromic change color within the visible spectrum. Color Sequence: Black » Red » Green » Blue. (25-30ºC / 77-86ºF)
  • Activated Thermochromic are used to create a color change when cooled. (Clear to Color at 15ºC / 59ºF)
  • Activated Thermochromic will temporarily vanish to reveal an image or another color beneath. (Color to Clear at 31ºC / 88ºF)
  • High Temperature Thermochromic is designed to change color just below the pain threshold alerting  users to a safety hazard or quality issue - Too Hot! (Color to Clear at 47ºC / 117ºF)
  • Of these chromatics, thermochromic colors are the most common colors used for various applications of which mood ring is a good example.

Description: Photochromic Blinds and Shades

change color when exposed to UV light, like the sunlight that comes through the window. They are effectively colorless until the sunlight shines through/on to the window covering, then, it turns it in to a vibrant color. When the sun goes down, the window covering reverts back to it's beginning color. They become intensely colored after only 15 seconds of sunlight and return to normal after about 5 minutes. View how it works video below.

  • Reversible and Nearly Invisible when not exposed to UV Light
  • Fast Transition - Intense color in 15 seconds returns to clear after 5 minutes
  • Sixteen standard color shifts are available
  • Various colors are offered
  • Powder, Master batch, Fabric Dye
  • Reversible clear / color change blinds and shades samples are available -Call Customer Service 
  • Image Transformation-Hidden Messages Shades - Component Pieces - Black and White Outline to Color
  • Textiles - Images - Coatings - Plastics Master batch

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